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Kitzmiller versus Dover Area School District (Intelligent Design)

It sounds like Super Smash Brothers at first (if you’ve ever played), as any good court case does - but this is the infamous discussion on the teaching of intelligent design in public schools.

What I know about ID (intelligent design) so far (PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong and feel free to add):

Intelligent design is a theory that came into use after the Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District case on the teaching of “creation science” alongside evolution. It is based upon how complex life is. People who believe in ID believe that something as complex as, for example, a protein pump wouldn’t be possible without an intelligent being to guide the development of such things. ID is currently a very controversial topic - while some people believe that ID is valid and should be taught, others believe that ID is completely untrue. There are also many people in between who have many different views - one of these may be that ID is not necessarily true however to get a complete perspective students should be taught ID as one option, in case they choose to believe it.

Personally I believe intelligent design is a load of hooey (gotta love that word). To survive, creationism evolved into intelligent design. On a more practical note, we can actually see evolution in action in many types of bacteria.

I can see it from the other point of view though. How could little cellular machines like this do so much?

But then again there’s the obvious. Where else could fossils and geology and all the other evidence that’s rock hard (excuse the pun) come from? It’d be impossible for “non-believers” to fake something like fossils on such a large scale as this planet.

Jesus lovingly cradles a baby raptor.

Jesus lovingly cradles a baby raptor.

More Webcomics

As promised, another webcomic:

String Theory

I need to check, but I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a series soon. It’ll be geeky, so watch out! :D


Apparently, when I get emotional I write poetry. The mood of it explains the mood I was in when it was written - which is pretty much how I do that. Anyway, here’s a poem:

It dulls your senses
Makes your head throb
Makes you rage against one -

No one.

Howling at the white moon framed by the black sky
Black like your pain.
Wings of hatred sprout, and you fly
Away from it all

Information floods your brain
Like that tall gray wall that is your pride has finally broken
under the relentless attack (cliché though it is)
of that hurricane of feelings

It never ends.

Only waits, watching.
And your soul dies, over and over
Reborn each time - a surreal phoenix, if you will - comprised of your thoughts, hopes, dreams
Emerges anew when the call of this phoenix is answered and the sun rises
And your eyes dry, yet still smart from the heat
Stinging and twitching with memory.

The human race is not forgiving, nor is it ever forgiven.
This is not said without good reason.

I’m going to be entering this into a competition soon since I thought it was pretty good. I wondered at how the words seemed to flow straight from my mind to the paper - the pencil only a gateway. Of course, see where it gets me? Now I’m being what I call “clichéd poetic” without even trying. Anyway, hope you like it, and there’s another webcomic coming soon (possibly a series soon too!).


A friend of mine happens to be a very good graphic artist, and also pretty funny, too. So when he gets funny ideas, unlike the rest of us, who either write them down and wish we could do something with them or just forget about them, he makes comics. Inspired by others, such as xkcd and more, he creates them in his own personal style.

I thought they were funny, and decided to share them with you. What do you think?

Earth Before CSS

Hopefully I’ll be able to post them fairly regularly. Hope you like it! Comment if you have any ideas, I’m sure he’d be delighted to illustrate them if they’re funny enough.


I’m amazingly tired - mowing two acres of lawn (with lots of fun terrain!) seems to do that - but also amazingly satisfied. After sushi and a bagel (a repast to thrive on), here it comes

Tip III:

Use your resources.

This may seem a bit simple, but it’s definitely true. No matter the actual type of resource - be it friends, books, teachers, maybe even (gasp!) parents - they will give you information. This is evident for me in that when I don’t write down my homework, I have nowhere to go: my parents haven’t the faintest, my friends aren’t in the same class, and emailing teachers takes time. Luckily for me, I have another resource - Facebook. A glance at a schoolmate’s page reveals an AIM screenname.

One fairly new resource we now have is technology. I use either Hiveminder or RTM for my organizational needs, mainly homework (reviews pending). I can IM a friend, check the homework page, or email a teacher now - instead of waiting helplessly like I used to.

I’m glad to be finishing this post. Not only was it hard to write, but it’s also my first post here on It’s sentimental… With stress on the “mental” part. In other news, a quick question to readers: What theme should I use for my blog? The basic K2 is getting boring. As stated above, reviews on to do listing programs pending.